Barron's Underground Radio Network - This is our tenth B.U.R.N. podcast featuring songs:

"Fair Warning" by @RickeeRaps

"Throne Living" by @Rell_407

"Private Dancer" - by @TheOutfitTX

Special featured track: "Loreal" - by @THEREALOGCHESS (@og-che55)

"Dick Games" by @Jaydr3am

"Still Ridin (Chopped & Screwed by @dj_izzyill)” by @_iHateKing_ , featuring @BIGTIKE , @D3CHALIEBOY & @HOBBZDAKING

Also featuring special OG Che$$ interview, and Young Chop Sticks in a brand new free style series.

Hosted by Dilan Rajan and Todd Eastwood assembled by the Barron Studios Crew.

**Vote for which track you feel was the best**

-The winner will get a free Chopped N Screwed mix by @dj_izzyill and the track will be featured in next month's podcast!

-Voting can be done at the link below. Vote for for which track was the best as "Barron Studios Track of the Month!"

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