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Thanks for tuning into Barron's Underground Radio Network. This is the April 2016 edition of The B.U.R.N. Labs Podcast featuring the following songs:

Track #1

Jonny Bahama & dNawL present Dummiez

Twitter: @Jonny_Bahama/@DNawll

Two brothers that have the same vision and dreams. Jonny Bahama and DNawll bring us a grungy type feel to the hip hop scene creating a genre for themselves..Alternative Hip Hop. They will be dropping their video for 'The Anthem(Rage)' April 8th via YouTube. The link will be up shortly. Be on the look out for their new project dropping soon, 'Smiles Through The Struggle' coming Summer of 2016.

Track #2

Lona presents Piece of Mind

Twitter/IG: @lonathedon

Coming with an organic vibe with a modern sound produced by Dion Crysis is Lona the Don. Two creative souls coming together, they managed to create an organic sound that touches the heart. When you use a Lauryn Hill sample, you have to do it with taste...and they exceeded that.

Track #3

King TonyYo presents Squxd feat. OG Che$$

Twitter: @KingTonyoTX
IG: @KingTonyoTX
Twitter: @OGChess

King Tonyo definitely droppin' a track for the Squad. This one is for the turn up. Working with OG Chess, they create a wavy yet street sound that anyone can get wild with. You can check out a video that King Tonyo featured on via YouTube called 'Gas on the Strip'. The link is listed below. Be expecting a solo project coming from King Tonyo soon!…IE_MvNS0nTzwUcRuw