Your data is your art.  Do you know what happens to it?

Either listen or read below to learn more!

Barron Studios keeps your data safe on a redundant system for three months after you last accessed it. This is called our "Active Studio Projects Drive".  This system keeps your data safe from deletions, hard drive failures and is accessible from any of our three studios. We also do our best to ensure that any technology advances (i.e. new versions of software, plugins etc.) will be done in a way that will keep your sessions current and not require additional work when new software versions are released. 

Once a project has sat dormant for three months, it is transferred to the "Archive System". The "Archive System" is a free service Barron Studios provides to all clients projects.  Rather than delete client data Barron Studios provides a free data housing.  This is not meant to be a long term permanent storage solution.  The data is not duplicated.  There is no backup.  This system is subject to failure.  Barron Studios provides this because we are cool and deleting data is not cool.  

If you need something from our "Archive System" speak to the Studio Manager.  Be prepared to spend some studio time on the session to update it to the current versions of technology (i.e. new software versions, plugin versions etc.).

Suggestions for your data

Bring a hard drive and keep a copy of your project! This is the 100% safest method of handling your data. You have a copy and Barron has a copy. If either fire, tornado, hurricane, or Japanese sea creature destroys Barron Studios, your project is gone.  We suggest you get a copy of your data as regularly as you can.  At least get a copy at project milestones (finished tracking / finished mixing / finished project).