Mixing @ Barron Studios in Houston, Texas

The mix is where it all comes together.

Mixing is where the engineer takes all that has been recorded and combines it into the tight cohesive unit we call songs.

Mixing can be as simple as setting vocal levels - or as complex as chopping, delaying, screwing and effects. By the end of the mix, you have a song.

Barron Studios provides mixing services two simple ways:

1.) MIXING BY THE HOUR: You sit in on the session. The rate is the standard hourly rate for the studio and engineer. This process is great if you need a mix immediately after you are finished recording.

2.) MIXING BY THE SONG: Get your song mixed for a flat rate. This mix occurs without the client being present and typically costs less than an hourly rate mix. Flat rate mixes typically range between $150-$400 for album tracks - or as low as $50 for basic mixtapes tracks.