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Booking time at Barron Studios is simple.  Call us during business hours. Speak to our Artist Care Represenatives.  Book a studio session.  Simple. 


Let the receptionist know which engineer you would like to work with, a Senior Engineer or a Staff Engineer. Or ask questions about which will service your music and budget the best.  They'll let you know what times are available and get you booked in.  

More questions about which engineer is right for you?  Check our our Rates page HERE or call any week day and speak with Todd Macek, our Studio Manager. 


Free Studio Tours*

We love showing off the studio and speaking about potential projects.  Call us a day in advance and schedule at time to swing by.  We can introduce ourselves, show you a studio, and find out more about your project.  We can lay out the process of how to complete your project, answer questions, and help you manage the process so you get the most out of your time. Got budget concerns? Time constraints? Let's setup a recording budget for your project so we can help manage your studio time better.

 * The timing of studio tours is totally dependant on when other artists are using the studios. We’re not busting in on someone else’s session - so scheduling may take some finesse.