It is just assumed that your vocal will sound amazing recorded at Barron Studios.  The biggest choice you have is which type of engineer make the most sense for your project, budget and time frame. 

Album or Mixtape? 

At Barron Studios, this is the most basic breakdown of which type of engineer you should work with.  Get the most done in your studio time with the speedy service of our Staff Engineers and 2-track beats.  Get the best sound with a Senior Engineer and full tracked out beats.


The format of your instrumental has a lot to do with which engineer you should book.

2-Track Beats = Staff Engineer

If your instrumental is a .mp3 or .WAV file (and you can play the instrumental on your phone, it's on a CD you play in your car)  - you are working with a 2-track beat.  This is PERFECT for a mixtape.  Beats in this format have already been mixed by the beat's producer, so you and the engineer only have to worry about perfecting the vocals. This allows quicker mixing.

Tracked Out Beats = Senior Engineer

Tracked Out beats give the engineer the ability to fully mix the beat and the vocals at the same time. This gives the engineer the most flexibility to make your track knock in all the right places, while keeping your vocals front and center.  This process takes more time and the skill of the Senior Engineer.    







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